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The sky is the limit when aerospace engineering meets industrial 3D printing.

With the cost and risk that comes with developing new aerospace products, designers need to be certain they’ll work on the first implementation. With industrial 3D printing, you’ll unlock flexible prototyping to iterate generously and leave no margin for error. You'll develop aerospace innovations with unprecedented efficiency and take control of your supply chain to produce factory tooling in-house – massively reducing product development costs and lead times.

Empower aerospace engineering from the lab to the sky, with MINGDA's proven industrial solutions. Modernize your production today.

Aerospace Applications For Large-Format 3D Printers

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End-Use Parts

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Auto Parts

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Start 3D Printing in Full Scale With MINGDA

MD-600 Pro

Faster, more precise, a good helper for product iteration

The MD-600 Pro gets 3D printing off your desk and takes it to the next level. Operating with the same ease as a desktop 3D printer and with 10 times the build volume, the MD-600 Pro provides large-scale industrial manufacturing capabilities in a compact “fits everywhere” build.

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Industrial 3D Printing Materials

Wide Variety


Industrial Quality


Large Format Optimized

MINGDA's portfolio of industrial 3D printing filaments are created under carefully controlled conditions to guarantee uniform diameters and consistent composition. They are sealed in controlled, low-humidity conditions for safe storage and transportation - ensuring reliable, even extrusion regardless of whether they're used today or after a reasonable shelf life.

With a wide variety of offerings from affordable, general use filaments to high-quality, engineering-grade materials for demanding industrial applications, MINGDA has what you need - specialized for large-format 3D printing to bring your designs to life in full scale.

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