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Pre-Surgical Models
Pre-surgical models is one of the major applications of 3D printing by the medical researchers and practitioners. CT scanning can be easily converted into .STL files and be printed using 3D printers.
These 3D printed models enable doctors to perform more accurate diagnoses in order to prescribe patients with best possible treatments.
Additionally, doctors can discuss with colleagues and even practice with the models prior to surgeries.

Surgical Guides
3D printing technology is widely adopted in surgical guides.
Surgical guides are used for insertion of human body implants and require high level of customization in order to fit each individual’s body shape and contour.
With 3D printing, these guides can be now be efficiently produced at lower cost than conventional methods of manufacturing.

Surgical Implants
PEEK 3D printing is used to create surgical implants.
Application of this technology can be commonly found in dentistry and orthopedics due to unique customizations on each implant are needed for each individual.
Generally, titanium and PEEK are utilized to create surgical implants because these materials are bio-compatible.

Medical Applications For Large-Format 3D Printers

Jigs & Fixtures


End-Use Parts

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MD-1000 Pro 3D Printer In Application of Medical Equipment Casing

MD-600 Pro 3D Printed Back Braces for Effective Scoliosis Treatment

Automobile Seat

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MD-1000 Pro

Low Design Cost, Fast Production, Seize Business Opportunities

The MD-1000 Pro is a 1 m³ powerhouse 3D printer, built to take you from prototyping to production. It provides a highly scalable solution to manufacture end-use parts, factory tooling or more with high-performance, engineering-grade materials. Compared with other manufacturing and FFF printing solutions, the MD-1000 Pro can produce full-scale, accurate parts faster and at lower production costs.

Industrial 3D Printing Materials

Wide Variety


Industrial Quality


Large Format Optimized

MINGDA's portfolio of industrial 3D printing filaments are created under carefully controlled conditions to guarantee uniform diameters and consistent composition. They are sealed in controlled, low-humidity conditions for safe storage and transportation - ensuring reliable, even extrusion regardless of whether they're used today or after a reasonable shelf life.

With a wide variety of offerings from affordable, general use filaments to high-quality, engineering-grade materials for demanding industrial applications, MINGDA has what you need - specialized for large-format 3D printing to bring your designs to life in full scale.

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