Desktop 3D Printer, Perfect for Education and Industry


The MD-400D is a stylish and smart 3D printer at an affordable price. It's a trusted tool for schools, designers, innovators and makers alike. With the advanced technology of lifting dual nozzles, the fast and reliable 400D brings your designs to life fully.

Two Temperature Modes
To Meet Different Material Requirements

MD-400D is a flexible, high performance and commercial industrial 3d printer. It's equipped with two types of extruders, therefore various printing needs can be met selecting the matching module according to different types of filaments.

  • Higher 250 degrees (High Temperature Hot End)

  • Below 250 degrees (Normal Hot End)

Independent Dual Nozzles

Mirror mode
Two symmetrical models can be printed at the same time, twice the production efficiency, saving 50% of your time.

Duplication Mode
Use both extruders in synchronized printing, doubling production capabilities.

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