Printing finer complex prototypes and double productivity are why you need the MD-400D Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer for your business.


Four Printing Modes

Duplicate Mode

Equivalent to 2 printers working, achieve double productivity

Mirror Mode

Support printing symmetrical models while saving half the time

Support Mode

Print complex structural models, complex models can also be printed smoothly and with high precision

Dual-Color Mode

Allows printing different parts of a model in 2 colors

Dual Extruders 
Working Independently

The dual extruders on the MD-400D work independently and are not bundled, allowing for flexible and precise control. When using only one extruder, the other extruder is moved away from the print area to prevent unwanted filament overflow onto the printed object. However, the extruders can also work simultaneously and independently if higher productivity is required.

Bike Helmet Case Sharing





Model size: 


Printing time: 

34 hours

Compare other regular FDM large format printers on the market

Filament: Ordinary PLA   Printing Speed: 50mm/s   Printing Time: 4 days

* The experimental data is for reference only

± 0.1mm High Precision

Using modular guide rail structure to ensure the stability and accuracy of the printing process

Large Build Volume

Printing size: 400mm*400mm*400mm;
meets most prototype printing needs

Free Leveling

The automatic leveling system greatly improves printing efficiency and quality stability. It helps to reduce failed prints caused by an unleveled build plate. The precise calibration of nozzle distance also enables 3D printers to print models with finer layer resolution.


New Cooling System Design

The dual cooling system truly takes model cooling to the next level with anaerodynamic air duct design that blasts models with intensely powerful directedairflow for enhanced cooling capabilities, crafting perfect prints.

Dec 24, 2020



PEI Flexible Printing Platform

It has strong adhesion, high temperature resistance, and is suitable for various consumables. It can be easily removed by bending.

Quick Heating Bed

Max temperature of heating bed is 110°C. Aluminum alloy hot bed, evenly heated, can be heated to 60°C Celsius in about 75 seconds; The heating speed remains unchanged at 220V and 110V voltages.

MINGDA Self-developed Core Hardware Delivers Speedy Smooth Performance.

This high-performance 64-bit self-developed motherboard, powered by the 6-core CPU, ensures fast processing of data and rapid completion of 3D printing tasks. With 32GB of memory, you can quickly store, export, and print large files with ease.

7-inch IPS High-definition Large Screen

MD-400D has a 7-inch IPS 2.1 million high-definition computer screen. Compared with traditional LCD screens, it can see bright, saturated, and natural high-quality images from any angle. At the same time, it is more environmentally friendly and saves electricity.

Support multiple languages

Self Check when Power on

When power on it can automaticly check the status of the extruder, hot bed, camera, automatic leveling, fan, and other components; If there are any abnormalities, a prompt will be displayed on the printer screen for quick and convenient processing.


For Manufacturing Application And Design Prototype Verification

New Product Design And Development

Breakaway Support Filament

Much easier to remove the support, the supported surface comes out clean and smooth.

Soluble Support Filament

Printing complex models with internal geometries and hollow structures is made possible by using water-soluble filament.

Small Batch Production

3D Printing Farm & Workshop

Duplicate Mode and Mirror Mode that double productivity

Product Parameters



Print Technology

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Print Volume

400 * 400 * 400 mm

Duplicate Mode

400(2*200)*400*400 mm

Mirror Mode

320(2*160)*400*400 mm

Machine Dimensions

690 * 790 * 910 mm

Extruder Quantity


Nozzle Diameter

0.4mm (0.6, 0.8, 1.0 mm optional)

Extruder Temperature


Platform Temperature


Max Flow


Max Print Speed

500mm/s (Recommend Printing Speed: 200-300mm/s ) 

Support Software

MingDa OrcaSlicer, Prusa Slicer, etc

Display Screen

7-inch HDMI touch screen

Input Voltage

100/240AC 50/60Hz

Rated Power




Filament Compatibility

Common filament: 
Engineering filament: 
Support filament:
S-Mulit, S-HtPA, PVA, etc

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