A New Standard in Large-Format 3D Slicer Software

MingDa OrcaSlicer is easy to use slicer software, allows for greater control of printing parameters on all MINGDA large-format 3D printers. Its integrated estimation engine gives accurate printing time and material use predictions for unmatched planning and productivity. As one of the fastest and most precise slicers on the market, this cutting-edge software is optimized for industrial part slicing to make for a rapid, hassle-free start to printing.

Built on industry-standard software with key features and optimizations:

Specially designed for MINGDA 3D printers

Range of options to reduce large-format print times and material use

Frequently updated MINGDA material presets for fast, quality prints

Expert and basic UI modes for precision control and ease of use

Accurate print time and material use predictions

Automated batch production planning

3D Printing Simplifyied

MingDa OrcaSlicer’s user-friendly interface makes for a simplified printing experience. By optimizing for large-format parts and integrating presets for all MINGDA-compatible materials, the OrcaSlicer slicer streamlines the industrial printing process to save users’ time and ensure successful, quality prints.

In Basic Training, Learn How To...

● Import your hardware and models

● Save 3mf and gcode files

● Use support blockers or apply custom supports

● Specify print features like layer height, infill, and rafts

● And much, much more!

Basic Training

In Advanced Training, Learn How To...

● Add custom material profiles

● Print multiple parts in batches or sequentially

● Use dual extrusion or tandem printing

● Apply experimental support styles

● And more!

Advanced Training