ShenZhen MINGDA Technology CO. Ltd. Established in 2009, is a high-tech international 3D printer enterprises focusing on research and development, production, sales and service. MINGDA is the leading company that introduced rapid 3D prototyping technology into Chinese market, the company launched the brand “MINGDA” with its first “Glitar” series 3D printer. MINGDAS philosophy is to provide easy-operation and user-friendly 3D printers as many customers as possible. As an advanced high-tech manufacturing enterprises of production equipment, MINGDA has built a strong research base R&D facility to ensure quality and reliability throughout all series of MINGDAS products. We have the largest scalable production ability of any FDM 3D printer manufacture. Since MINGDA began we have always focused on a persistent and constant innovation, and market-oriented objective. At the core of all this is customer treatment is essential to a good reputation throughout our company. All series and products of MINGDA© and its intellectual property rights are licensed and owned by MINGDA© Ltd.


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The out shell and inside mechanical drive system are of independent design. The damage of the shell will not affect the machine function.

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    CE Certificate

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    RoHS Certificate

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    FCC Certificate

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    Certificate of Design Patent

  • Certificate of Design Patent

    Certificate of Design Patent

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    Letter of Authorization


4 Great Advantages of joining

Brand Advantages

we are proud to have discovered new possibilities of 3D printing. It's a huge step forward in the production of 3D devices allowing the print of models of any complexity. MINGDA  Glitar series is the most advanced and perfectly new device, which cannot be compared to anything else existing on the market today.

Technology Advantages

Rich information for latest laser technology, industry and market. We have an extensive market information system and would like to share the latest industry dynamic and research results with you.

Sales Advantages

Sincere care for customer. We concentrate on new requirements for 3D printers and feedback from customer, and enjoy trying our best to solve any problem, assisting you to work smoothly.

Service Advantages

Dedicate after-sales service. We always hold the concept that “customer to be the first” to run company. Our service system can be accessed anytime anywhere to make sure your 3D printer under your control.


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Feedback of MINGDA 3D printer Glitar 6S
Feedback of MINGDA 3D printer Glitar 6S
MINGDA 3D Printer operation video frequency demonstration
MINGDA 3D Printer operation...
After received the machine how to install filament and begin to print
After received the machine ...
MINGDA 3D printing Video
MINGDA 3D printing Video